The Texan



A perfect start for a Dutch Oven filled with a lovely chili con carne.
Packed with flavour caused by several different chili peppers and spices.
Mild spicy.
They come in cans of 250 gram, enough for ca 20 portions.
Spices without any artificial colors, flavours, fragrances or any additives


“The Texan” famous chili

Recipe for ca 3 a 4 persons
Preparation: ca 2 hour


500 gram (stew) Beef
1 can tomato cubes ( a 400 gram)
1 cup strong coffee
1 tin (kidney) beans ( a 400 gram)
2 stacked tablespoons “The Texan” (50 gram)
1 bell pepper (red)
1 red union

1 fresh red chilli (for extra heat!)


Cut the beef in cubes and the same with the onion and bell pepper.
Heat up the Dutch Oven, pour in the oil and bake the beef until dark brown.
Add the union, bell pepper and optional the chilli and let it get soft. Add the coffee.Put the tomato dice in the DO and add “The Texan”. Add 400ml water and let it simmer slowly for about an hour with the lit on the DO
Add the beans and again let simmer until meat is cooked en tender. The meat should fall apart easily

Serve with rice, salad and nice cold beer!


“The Texan” chili dogs


Recipe for 8 to 10 persons
Preparation about 45 minutes


500 gram minced meat
1 union in dices
1 small tin Tomato paste (75 gram)
2 stacked tablespoons “The Texan” (50 gram)
100 ml water
10 hotdogs
10 hotdog buns
Grated cheddar cheese

Preparation: Put a skillet on a stag of hot briquettes and let it get hot. Add the oil and onion and stir until it gets soft. Put in the minced meat and let it brown. When cooked add the tomato paste. Bake the paste for a bit to get rid of the sourness. Add “The Texan” and the water and let is simmer until get the right thickness. Grill the hotdogs above the fire or heat up in some hot water. Now we are ready to stack up our chili dog: Add the hotdog in the bun, put a good heap of chili on and top it off the some cheddar Delicious with relish or a thin slices raw red onion.


“The Texan” tortilla’s

Recipe voor 3 a 4 persons
Preparation about 45 minuts


500 gram steak or chicken thigh fillet
2 tablespoons “The Texan”
1 tablespoon oil

For the guacamole:
2 ripe avocados
1 onion
1 tomato
2 cloves of garlic
1 red chili pepper
1 lemon
For the Ranch sauce:
1 clove of garlic
Salt to taste
1 handful fresh parsley
2 tablespoons fresh chives
240 ml mayonnaise
120 ml sour cream
1 tablespoon milk
1/2 teaspoon worcestershire-sauce
View drops tabasco
1/4 teaspoon paprika powder
2 teaspoons lemon juice


Mix in a bowl the oil with “The Texan”. Cut the meat in slices and add that to the bowl so the flavours can get into the meat. Put it in the fridge for at least 30 minutes .

Now we are making the guacamole: Dice the onion, pepper garlic and the tomato in very small bits and put in a bowl. Peal of the skin of the avocados and remove the seed. Now add the avocado to the other ingredients and mash the avocado well and mix it with the rest. Cut the lemon in half and add the juice to the avocado mixture. Put away in the fridge

And now we are making the Ranch sauce : Chop the garlic, parsley and chives and add in a bowl. Now add the rest of the ingredients but be carefull with the salt.

Heat up a skillet really hot and put some briquets under the DO ( approximately 6). In the DO we are heating up the tortillas. When the skillet is hot put on the meatstrips. Not all at once, you need the skillet to remain hot. Cook the meat until is done.

Now it’s time to build it up. Stage the meat on a tortilla and dress it with the guacamole and the Ranch sauce. You can also add some lettuce.

Enjoy your diner!


Rattlesnake bites


300 gr minced beef
15 gr Frontier Cooking “The Texan” (table spoon)
small onion
small slices or grated cheddar
Jalapeno pepper (for more heat use Habanero peppers)
ca 20 sheets of filo pastry
egg white

dice the onion finely and fry in a little oil on medium heat.
When the onion starts to color add the minced beef and a fine diced Jalapeno and the Texan spice
fry the minced meat until done
let the mixture cool

Put the Filo pastry as in the picture.
Put some cheese on the pastry and add a scoop of the meat mixture.
Fold the pastry like shown and brush the edges with egg white to make it stick

Heat your Barbecue (indirect heat), Dutch oven or regular oven up to 200c and bake the pastry until the go golden brown (brush the pastry with some oil)

Serve the Rattle Snake Bites with some horseradish dip or your favorite Barbecue sauce

Horseradish dip
(just mix together the following ingredients)
Small cup of sour cream
1 tbsp. grated horseradish
1 tsp. lemon juice
pinch of Garlic-Onion and paprika powder
add salt to taste

Recipe suggestion by: Menno Jonker

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