The Barbarian



A perfect start for a Dutch Oven chicken roast.
By using balanced mix of spices you can create a fragrant dish.
You also can make a pork roast or a rib roast.
The Spices come in cans of 250 gram, enough for about 20 portions.
Spices without any artificial colors, flavours or fragrances or other additives.



“The Barbarian” Chicken Roast

Recipe for 3 to 4 persons

Preparation approximately 1,5 hours


 1 whole chicken
100 grams smoked bacon in slices
250 grams mushrooms in parts
1 union in pieces
1 bellpepper in pieces
2 potatos in thin slices
50 grams “The Barbarian” ( 2 tablespoons)


Rub the chicken (on and under the skin) with the oil and "The Barbarian ".
Save some for over the smoked bacon.
Cover the bottom of your Dutch Oven with the bacon and sprinkle the rest of "The
Barbarian" over the bacon. Put the potato on the bacon like tiles. Add the onion,
bellpepper and the mushrooms.
Put the chicken on top with his legs down and put the lit on the DO.
Add 7 hot briquets under the DO and 15 on top of the lit.
baking the chicken takes approximately 1 hour per kilo of chicken.
Turn the lid every 30 minuts a quater to brown equaly. Make sure the chicken is well cooked  
(minimum core temprature should be 72 degrees celcius)
Nice this a baked potato and a salad.


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